A Summer Term Message

9 May 2022


We hope that all of our customers enjoyed a nice Easter break! It certainly made a nice change when compared with previous couple of years of Covid restrictions making family gatherings difficult, or in the case of 2020, impossible.

The summer term is typically one of the busiest and challenging periods in the academic year, with schools striving to ensure that pupils progress to their next year group and/or phase in their lives with the best grades possible. Here at Working with Schools, we are determined to remain a solid and reliable partner when it comes to paying staff their hard-earned salaries, assisting with complex HR situations, producing contracts of employment and ensuring the safety of children in their education environment by processing DBS checks for the countless new members of staff who will join our schools in September.

We certainly feel as though day-to-day working life is returning to pre-Covid norms now and would like to assure our customers that we are ready for whatever challenges and complexities are round the corner! If you need us, we are here.