Keeping Children Safe in Education update

24 March 2021


An update has recently been made to Keeping Children Safe in Education (2020) to take account of changes to recruitment after the UK left the EU.

The main variation in policy involves recruitment. In this respect, we recommend that although employers are not required to, they “may” when recruiting teachers from outside the UK (including EU countries) ask the candidate for proof of their past conduct.

This will mean that the teacher in question will then be required to ask for a statement issued by the professional regulating authority in the country where the teacher has worked, to provide confirmation.

It would, therefore, be a school decision whether or not to add an additional column to its SCR in which to record any such information. However, at the time of writing, there would appear to be no reference to this in KCSIE and no mention of the extent to which this information should be recorded on the SCR.